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pge to profit
Another Opportunity For PGE To…. Profit?

Take a look and you decide…

– Exceeds Rate Hikes:  almost double… (supposed to be 22% electric rate hike in 2023, now they want 36%)

– Gas Prices almost 30% jump in 2022, now January 2023 gas bills are exploding for bill payers again… (actual % to be determined…).

– Customers running from high PGE bills to solar relief are clawed back by PGE with NEM 3 Charges… including monthly solar fees and almost 70% cut in NEM credits, (which are both new profit centers for PGE)…

– PGE Investor returns continue to be the most stable on Wall Street! …while Wall Street is tanking, PGE is forcasted for a 18%-35% stock price jump by 2025. ( and

– Awesome employee bonus payouts while bill payers struggle to keep the lights on and their homes warmed.

Don’t feed into their monopoly… you have a choice until April… GO SOLAR!

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