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Last chance NEM 2!… Big Changes For Solar 2023…

December 2022 saw the CPUC vote on the new changes for utility companies and their customers in 2023.

Here’s the urgent takeaways;

1. Credits for unused energy in NEM 3 will be far less than NEM 2, 6-7c versus the current 31c avg. (almost 70 percent less). 

2. Back-up storage systems, (batteries), will be necessary to store excess daytime energy production to avoid loosing money.

 NEM 2 applications must be received by the utility prior to April13th. This means you MUST COMPLETE YOUR SOLAR PAPERWORK AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THIS DATE, in order for the solar companies to process on their end and be able to submit to the utility in time.

Call our office for more details and a free personal home energy review and proposal.  

Act now, avoid lines and get installed prior to summer bills!

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