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Fend for Yourself… The Power is on you!

Did you know that today, California buys almost 30% of its power from OUT OF STATE?

In order to keep up with customer demand, the California utilities have to buy “off peak” power from out of state sources and ship it in and then resell to you at a profit. 

Your bill reflects “transportation” and “generation” charges for this service… That’s like you paying Uber $100 to deliver a $20 pizza from another town… 

In addition, as home owners realize this and start adding solar to their homes, the utilities are fast realizing they don’t even have the bandwidth to manage the surplus energy storage from these solar customers. 

Their answer? They are now starting to drastically lower power net metering credits (NEM) for any surplus daytime energy your solar system sends to them for storage. In California, this means solar customers now have to BUY BACK their OWN solar power from the utility at night, unless you have your own on site storage battery.

If this is not in your state …yet… rest assured, as solar adoption nationwide, (currently at 7%) catches up to California, (currently at 35%), it will be coming.

So, for California residents, batteries are now a necessity. 

Don’t wait for the utilities to tell you what they need you to do, be an early adopter, stay ahead of the game and get your solar while you can, not when you “have to”.

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