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high electrical bill

…Yup we all knew they were coming.., with a milder than normal June out of the way, high heat is going to double your next bill… and its affecting everyone… The Utility is now charging .50c kwhr! and growing in Central California and higher in some areas! And its scheduled to go up another 22% in California the next 3 years! 

Nationwide is following suit… rates climbing, bills climbing…

Call us, we’ll fix the bleeding PERMANENTLY! 

1. No Cost / Low Cost programs in 25 States 

2. Electric Conversion Subsidies

3. 40 Free Energy Savings tips for 25%-40% IMMEDIATE savings 

4. Solar WITH Batteries for approx. .28c kwhr lifetime locked rate, or approx .11c kwhr cash price, and 30 Year equipment, roof and workmanship warranty and 12-15 year battery warranty! or lease a for 25year bumper to bumper warranty on EVERYTHING.

70% future utility bill savings WITH batteries! 

Reach out! – Free Info and quotes by Phone or Email!

Lets fix this!, call: 559-396-0653

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