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Is It Too Late… For Solar?

With escalating prices, a looming recession and skyrocketing interest rates… when is good to get solar?

This is a great question we’ve been receiving… to get the best answer, we asked customers who are still moving forward… “Why?”… Here are a few of their answers… 

1. “My cost of energy is going up faster and higher than the cost of living. It’s a “no brainer” to add solar asap and escape the utility price trap.”

2. “I can always refinance a higher % loan, but i wont be able to change the price of solar today versus higher costs in future years”.

3. “I want the federal tax credit. – It’s 30% and than can help me avoid paying the IRS this next year”

4. “A looming recession means i want to save more than before… if solar can cut my existing bill down and protect me from future higher bills and rate increases by freezing my monthly payment amount, then it will save me money every month, money i can spend on food or other bills, and if it doesn’t cost me anything out of pocket… I have nothing to loose but everything to gain…”

We would add the following considerations… 

1. Many companies are giving incredible incentives for new solar customers today… like 12 or 18 months solar rebates at installation!. (cash you can use for other bills, etc)… 

2. Beat the NEM3 coming soon… this will save you on monthly fees and more utility solar restriction and rules if you move soon. 

Contact us to allow us to shop on your behalf for lowest rates and latest incentives in your area.

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