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record high bills coming
Record High Bills Coming – Summer 2023!

2023 ushers in new rates, new NEM and higher bills than electric customers have ever seen.

Are you exhausted from mailboxes full of NEM2 promotions, deadline notifications, and door to door sales pitches? You and millions of other California power customers are ready for a break… But, sorry to say, that’s not going to happen, quite yet…

After a 22% electric rate increase in 2022, California non-solar residents are about to receive record high monthly electric bills, in excess of $500-$700 this summer with a rate of .50c per kwhr or more! 

It’s another 22% rate increase, with a possible 13% additional increase in the Fall. 

Maybe now is a good time as any to consider a 30-70% cut in home energy costs?

With sticky new NEM3 rates and rules, navigating a long term solution should not fall to novices. Rather, you need to take the time to seek out a free home energy consultant/expert regarding a responsible long term plan for owning your own energy, so you can enjoy up to 70% future energy savings!

Such topics include, understanding peak and off peak habits, rate plan advantages and disadvantages and how to navigate between home energy solutions, free programs, rebates and then combining all this to complete your energy saving, with a responsible solar and battery backup solution… Any other “novice solution” can leave you with a frustrating utility NEM true-up bill 12 months from now.

Gas to electric conversion and long term battery backup solutions are now a crucial part of a mandatory long-term home energy plan. When professionally handled, we will save you tens of thousands of dollars and provide you energy independence well into your retirement years, and we never charge you a penny for our services. Our partners take care of us, as we take care of you.

The partnered team of licensed consultants and experts at Go-inAllElectric is dedicated to intense home energy education and application so you don’t have to. 

We are your local energy experts, and we will navigate this journey with you. 

So, reach out, and let’s start that discussion. You’ll be relieved and excited you did!

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