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CA. EV’s – When/Where To Charge?

You bought a nice fancy EV: Your “dream toy”… it looks great, but now you realize it actually has to charge… everyday!

If you planned ahead, you probably chose a hybrid. They are more self reliant and if you forget to charge, they still run on gas, so you are safe… a great choice for short daily commutes…  but if you travel longer distances, need more comfort and luxury, or you’re an emotional buyer, you probably took a test drive, and fell in love, and then you bought a full battery backup vehicle and now you have to charge it… daily!

Here is the link to best times to charge per PGE, most utilities off peak rates are similar. Check with yours to confirm.,12%20midnight%20to%203%20p.m.

If you have solar, even better… charge whenever you aren’t using energy. 

If you have battery backup, try to charge off the battery and your solar system during the day, allowing the battery to fill back up before the sun goes down, (for you graveyard workers or home office transplant, lol…) or, if not, then after 12pm midnight. 

Of course… if your company has a charging station, then that’s a “no brainer”. 

If you plan on travelling, take the time to search charging stations along the route making that your lunch, bathroom, (and all other reasons to stop) – break. (Most of Tesla’s charging stations have lines… so prepare ahead!). Happy charger hunting… 

And… don’t forget to register with your utility and state for your EV electric rate discount and other EV subsidies. (most dealers provide this). 

Here is a list of all the California Utility EV links!

For other states, search google “(state name) how to get my EV utility rate and state EV subsidies” 

Call our office to get your home charger and solar installed. (we give the charger free to all new solar customers)… 559-396-7949 

We proudly serve all 23 “sun states”! 

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